1. Weird dream.

    It started out at some swimming pool? And I was with characters from Harry Potter, and we were trying to gather plastic “treasure” from the bottom of the pool. Malfoy used some hex on me that made my legs shrink so that I was about half my height, and I couldn’t go anywhere until the hex wore off. Then I had to leave for a class, and for some reason I was back in high school? After having dropped out of high school and done a semester of college and quit that too, I was back in high school????

    I went into a class that was supposedly physics. I was gonna be doing a whole fuckton of worksheets that I missed. Then I discovered Rae sitting next to me, and she was showing me a mockup of a crown she was gonna wear for her wedding. And I decided to ignore my worksheets and help her work on the crown. The teacher told me it was stupid and I replied, in a Dalek voice, “well it’s for a wedding that you’re not invited to!”

    Then the bell rang and I went to this… outdoor market thing. I bought some clothes. I saw a binder labeled HOMESTUCK VOLUME 3, which was basically Act 3 all printed out and stuck in a binder. I went and looked at a big spinning rack of anime, and then there was something about snakes? And then Bryce took me home. And we passed some sad-looking goth kids who were wrapping up an unsuccessful yard sale at 10PM. And my mom yelled at me for the stuff I bought.

    Yay, weird dreams! o-o;;

  2. Fucking bizarre-ass dream

    Okay, so I think for a good chunk of my dream I was in France. There were people from my study-abroad trip there with me, as well as my family (Mom, Dad, two aunts, two uncles.) It was stormy, and I was supposed to get on this boat thing? The attendants tried to get me to jump onto the boat, but while my luggage made it, I didn’t; I slow-motion fell into the lake, but somehow managed to keep my backpack (which had my computer in it) above water. I ended up getting soaked anyway.

    I also remember being at my Grandad’s house. Seven was there, and she had a venomous snake as a pet. We were doing a video about it for youtube. I remember something about the snake biting through a condom. And Grandad asking us if we wanted cupcakes. And because snakes have reptile germs that humans don’t have, I washed my hands like 50 million times during the course of this part of the dream.

    And the weirdest thing I remember from the dream was somehow sneaking a fluid-filled plastic model of a female reproductive system, with a looooong tube attached and some declaration of reproductive rights or something, into Rick Santorum’s dinner. And my Grandad’s ladyfriend telling me that was inappropriate, but I was like, “Eh, I didn’t do that. I heard people were s’posed to be mailing him unused tampons, not doing stuff like thaaaat.”

    … I really don’t know.

  3. Well, WTF dream again.

    It started out with showing some… disaster that happened when some monster figured out that we’d taken its gem/power source/thing. It burned everything down.

    Then it restarted at some… lesbian orgy type thing? and I saw the gem and I heard rumbling, so I RAN FOR IT back to my room and started packing my stuff up so I could grab it and go when the thing woke up. I remember throwing my teddy bear, computer, and kandi into a big bag.

    Then it changed, and I was just generally packing to leave school. I shoved most of my stuff one place, and then I went for a meal. In some really fancy hotel lobby. And I got a call. It was a three-way phonecall with my parents and Fleur Delacour, saying that yes, we were going to be at Bill and Fleur’s wedding reception the next day.

    So we did this long windey driving thing, and ended up back where I was before. I had to shove more crap into a different room, dodge Angie’s asshole ex-boyfriend, and go talk to Fleur. And then I woke up.

  4. I had a dream that I got a tattoo. I walked into a really tiny tattoo place and told the lady I wanted something done. I didn’t tell her what, so she put four numbers on my foot and said it was meant to represent Van Halen. Needless to say, not what I was looking for. Then this little girl, like, ten years old or something, came into the tattoo place and was going to get something done. I left and went to my… high school, I’m pretty sure it was my high school. And I went in the wrong way, realized that I’d be arrested if I didn’t go to the front and get a visitor pass, and tried to go through the library to the front so I could get one. I paused, because for some reason I thought the card on the desk said the librarian’s name was Ms. Lalonde and I was like “Is that her real name or does she just like Homestuck?” But then the school cops came in and were trying to arrest me, and then I got a text and woke up.

  5. Pony virus?

    I had a very odd My Little Pony themed dream that involved all the ponies coming down with a really nasty, awful virus (but because it’s MLP nopony died). And then someone gave me a fanfic about a really nasty, awful virus in which there were actually pony-deaths because of it. o-o;;

  6. WTF Dream…

    Under a cut because NSFW

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  7. Very odd dream

    First dream I had involved Kate trying to take me to a party. I was supposed to be going as Paris Hilton or something, so I left in my underwear. We got to someone’s house to pick them up, and they weren’t ready, so I went to the bathroom… the bathroom was a whole back room filled with beds, and all the beds were occupied by couples having really kinky sex. O-o;; I tried to ignore them, finally found the room with the damn toilet in it, and used the bathroom. And then I was running down the stairs with someone, Rory and the Doctor, I think, and I think all three of us shouted marriage proposals over the phone. I woke up as we were trying to leave that house.

    Went back to sleep, and I dreamed that I was at a movie theater watching some cartoon combination of Sherlock Holmes and Dracula. And that I was in some weird cosplay that was MLP and Homestuck smushed together or something?? There was someone asking questions at the end of the movie, but I found Angie and we left before he could ask us. The movie theater was the house next door to me. We walked through my neighborhood, and I was trying to look up how to play a Tatu song on the guitar. Dad was trying to take me “home for winter break” and one of my managers from work said, “No, you can’t make her leave anything here.” So I took my computer out of the mud in the backyard and we left. Then Angie and I walked through my high school. We saw a helicopter blow up in midair and crash behind the houses across the street from the school. We could also see the wreck of a crashed plane. I found my friend Moe and walked with her until she got to her house, then I walked through town, through some big hotels, and I met this Asian couple. The girl squeaked, and I thought she was cute, so I walked with her through a few hotels, and then I suddenly became a combination of Eleven and Sherlock? I was shouting in a voice that sounded like Matt Smith that I needed to find a case, that someone should lie to me, and stuff like that…

    And then I sort of woke up, had to drag myself back out of sleepiness a few times to actually wake up.

  8. A few weird dreams.

    Weird dream #1: I dreamed that my door was open. I pulled the covers over myself and went to sleep, and dreamed something about the kids from Homestuck, and shipping them all together in some strange love quadrilateral. Then I woke up 10 minutes later, freezing cold ‘cause I’d thrown all the blankets off.

    Weird dream #2: I was at a concert/rave/thing with Bryce, and I ran around behind the band to be with him when they started playing a Nirvana cover. I was with Bryce for a little bit, and then I went to go get food with a group of people. They commandeered a yellow taxi cab and went to go get some food. We drove past a cemetery, over some extremely narrow roads, and finally found a place to stop. But when we got our food, my order wasn’t right, and we couldn’t go back and change it. I woke up when a few other people showed up with lots of McDonald’s food.

  9. So I think Liz was in my dream last night, and I think Jenny was too.

    Jenny was in the dream with me where we were… watching Titanic. Sorta. And it was an interactive thing where when the ship went down, the room you’re in would ACTUALLY MOVE AS IF IT WERE THE SHIP GOING DOWN… and I was bloody terrified of it, and I kept asking if we could leave.

    Liz was in another part of the dream. She had a sister who died, and if we took her body to some store in the mall and sang Rolling In The Deep, she’d come back to life. And she was freaked out by it so she sang ET instead. And… none of us could remember the words to either of the songs…

  10. Weird dream…

    I was with my dad and a few friends at this really bizarre store that was like a three-story Walmart combined with a really fancy upscale restaurant, and Dad yelled at me for being selfish because I wanted to buy beads. So I ran off, crying, to go put the beads back and buy a bunch of food to give to the food bank. And I got lost, and there was a zombie apocalypse, and for some reason Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers and the Seven Evil Exes were all having some laser-gun-fight-thingie. And then the dream changed and Kat was taking me out for ice cream, but I only had five bucks and the ice cream I wanted was 10, so she paid for it.

    And then I woke up.