1. The Problem Of Megan Wallaby (or: The Email I Am Sending Her Creators)



    Hi, Night Vale.

    It kind of terrifies me to be writing this, and I’m only even bothering to do so because I’ve thought so much of what you’ve done previously. Canon queer relationship! Racists are unequivocally said to be assholes!
    And that’s why I’m so disappointed right now.
    I was late listening to The Deft Bowman - life got in the way and I didn’t manage to get around to it until just now.
    And I was absolutely horrified by the plotline with Megan Wallaby in the episode.
    It was bad enough that you’ve continually described her previous body as a man’s hand, when it belongs to a young girl and therefore isn’t a man’s anything.
    But the depiction of her with her new, surgically gained body as monstrous and dangerous is absolutely inexcusable. 
    You have made a character, however accidentally, who is basically a conglomeration of terrible stereotypes of trans women.
    She has a “man’s body”. She’s too big, too strong, she’s dangerous. She’s frightening, she doesn’t move right.
    Now, I’m not trans. Which is what makes me feel safe enough to speak out on this issue. (Though it is, I admit, an issue close to my heart - I have many trans loved ones who are very dear to me.) But the more I think about your treatment of her narrative, the sicker I feel. I’ve really admired the way you dealt with other issues, and I love your show - I don’t even normally listen to podcasts, so it’s a huge exception for me. I’ve written fic. I’ve bought merchandise. I run a fan blog.
    But in absence of some kind of apology or fix or SOMETHING about this absolutely horrifying subplot, I will no longer be willing to give you my money or my time.
    I am not willing to support things that hurt the people I love. And what you have written is harmful. You are perpetuating the harm that the world does to an already vulnerable population. And I am so, so disappointed.
    Thank you for your time,
    Mention: happierman

    Thank you. I wanted to say something but I was scared.

  2. A PSA to cis women


    when trans women call you out on being transmisogynist, don’t hide and tell us “blame the patriarchy, not other women, we’re fighting together”

    If a trans woman is calling you out on being transmisogynist, it’s probably because you’re being transmisogynist, which cis women are, surprise surprise, capable of being. Fucking apologize and stop making shitty excuses.

    wait hold up, people actually… respond like that…? why? i’m confused, reasons under readmore so i don’t clog up your post

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  3. thesavagesalad:

    PSA post to my fellow feminists

    trans*women can’t appropriate a woman’s identity


    because they are women.

    Maybe this needs repeating- but being a woman transcends your genitalia or your chromosomes. Being a woman is how you identify. That’s it. That’s all it takes to identify as a woman. If you know in your heart of hearts that you are a woman- that’s all it is.

    So don’t be that douche bag that has the audacity to degrade a trans woman or demand her to prove her womanhood. She owes you no explanation. 

    Now if you really are a feminist, you will defend her existence to the death and ensure that she always has a safe space and voice with in the movement.