1. suddenly i remember that when i woke up this morning, i was wrestling a giant snake that wanted to assassinate somebody and make nepeta king of something. and i had to keep the snake’s mouth shut so it wouldn’t try and eat me.

    uh, okay dream. alien catgirl as a king. and a big-ass snake. okay, sure.

  2. Shit that happened in my dreams last night:

    • My anon friend came back and was talking to me on something vaguely facebook-ish but not facebook.
    • My neighbors knew someone I knew at Goucher and made me feel awkward about dropping out
    • I was helping someone look for a lost dog
    • I found the lost dog, watched an old man yell at people who stole Disney princess costumes, and helped the trolls from Homestuck solve some mystery
    • The trolls were all dressed up in some interesting costumes.
    • Terezi and Vriska started making out and refused to stop for anything
    • I snuck into some apartment where I supposedly lived through the basement, and ended up playing poker with Dave Strider and a woman who must’ve been my roommate
    • Then I moved into the apartment next door which was much less shitty and apparently connected to a mall somehow?
    • I got caught up in someone trying to film a commercial?
    • And then it switched and I was in my bedroom
    • Rae was getting some asshole anons and I was defending her from them by saying we should put them in bottles
    • I was trying to show Jenny some doodles I did based on Vi Hart’s doodle games

    And then I woke up!!!!!

  3. bluh ow

    you guys might not see too much of me today, because i think the headache that sent me to bed last night has morphed into a migraine.

    i had an interesting dream though. liz was in it!! basically it started off as we were sort of in canada, i think, and we were also kind of in an episode of supernatural? even though liz doesn’t like supernatural oops. but anyway sam and dean were looking for some pop star’s niece or something and then they were gonna take this poison?? and liz and i had to go to a museum to steal the antidote to make sure they were gonna wake up. there was a whole weird part with us being on a train that had a glass bottom and it freaked me the hell out.

    and then we got off the train and went to the museum. there was a weird security clearance thing and we got through it once, but the second time it went off and we had to run. there was a black guy running too, and a white security officer was chasing him, and i was yelling and screaming at the security officer for chasing the wrong guy because of his skin color. i almost told him that i was the one who tripped the alarm and that they could see me on the security camera trying to get in, but i didn’t because that would’ve gotten liz arrested too.

    the guy who was running got away, but only because the officer tazed another innocent person who was being held down by like 2-3 people. i stood up for the person being tazed and ended up spraying ferbreeze in someone’s eyes and beating up the people who were holding the tazer victim down. the tazer victim ended up being a girl who kind of looked like a cartoon monster high character and had hair that sort of looked like twilight sparkle’s hair. liz and i got the girl on a train and the three of us started singing ‘want you gone’ from portal 2 and i was horribly off key.

    and then i saw an iron man mask and bryce’s brother in a fountain in the train station. and then my headache flared up really badly and i went ‘owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww’ and woke up.

  4. Okay dream, WTF was that all about?

    Things that happened in my dream that I remember:

    • I was at a hotel and I was upset because I couldn’t go to EDC.
    • I went down to where the “EDC” festivities were, watched people going in and having fun, and cried really hard at the fact that I couldn’t go in.
    • A security guard came over and hugged me while I cried, then gave me his ID card or whatever so I could go in
    • I went in and got a cupcake.
    • I was suddenly somewhere in a small farming town, picking candies off of a tree.
    • I flicked a spider off my hand and lost all my candies.
    • Liz’s mom was trying to make some weird combination of oatmeal and Hamburger Helper at the same time. In the microwave. And it nearly exploded.
    • Then I started trying to do some weird photoshop something? And ended up accidentally cursing my friends.
    • There were some Homestuck characters there, but they were ponies.
    • Kanaya was trying to undo the curse I accidentally set up with the photoshop thing, and ended up making Fluttershy sick.
    • There were some bizarre implications that Fluttershy and Big Macintosh had sex.
    • Actually there were bizarre implications that Big Macintosh had sex with almost everypony.
    • Applejack and Rainbow Dash packed up some saddlebags for everypony, which contained “bales of hay” that were actually… yoga mats, or something? and we were going to go somewhere.

    And then I woke up.

    Yeah I don’t even fuckin’ know.

  5. Weird dream.

    It started out at some swimming pool? And I was with characters from Harry Potter, and we were trying to gather plastic “treasure” from the bottom of the pool. Malfoy used some hex on me that made my legs shrink so that I was about half my height, and I couldn’t go anywhere until the hex wore off. Then I had to leave for a class, and for some reason I was back in high school? After having dropped out of high school and done a semester of college and quit that too, I was back in high school????

    I went into a class that was supposedly physics. I was gonna be doing a whole fuckton of worksheets that I missed. Then I discovered Rae sitting next to me, and she was showing me a mockup of a crown she was gonna wear for her wedding. And I decided to ignore my worksheets and help her work on the crown. The teacher told me it was stupid and I replied, in a Dalek voice, “well it’s for a wedding that you’re not invited to!”

    Then the bell rang and I went to this… outdoor market thing. I bought some clothes. I saw a binder labeled HOMESTUCK VOLUME 3, which was basically Act 3 all printed out and stuck in a binder. I went and looked at a big spinning rack of anime, and then there was something about snakes? And then Bryce took me home. And we passed some sad-looking goth kids who were wrapping up an unsuccessful yard sale at 10PM. And my mom yelled at me for the stuff I bought.

    Yay, weird dreams! o-o;;

  6. 10:06 14th May 2012

    Notes: 1

    Tags: dreamwtf

    Another weird-ass dream.

    First part of the dream was a WTF nightmare. By which I mean some of my friends were in my house trying to raise mummies from the dead. They had like five sarcophagi lined up in my bathroom somehow, and they did stuff that made skeletons come out of them and start making noise… and then the skeletons got violent and started trying to kill us, so I ran the hell outside into a thunderstorm for safety.

    The second part of my dream involved flying to Texas in a homemade steampunk-style airship for a Hindenburg memorial ceremony that involved shooting star-shaped blocks of dry ice into pie pans full of water. And then some girl came around the corner and grabbed me and told me Breana was there, so I went to see her and she kind of jumped on me and wouldn’t let go of me. So I guess it Texas on one side of the street and Minnesota on the other?? WHICH MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE, WTF DREAM.

  7. My dreams are being unfortunate.

    One of them involved missing a day of Otakon because I was in a really weird room. We slept most of the day, and then tried to stay up all night to watch stuff, but at 3AM the parents of the person whose house we were in got really mad, called the person away, and did something awful off-screen.

    Another dream involved me being in a short play that was very badly prepared for. The lighting was being a douche, I had to sit off at the side of the stage and change into/out of different parts of my costume while the first scene was going on, and when it got around to the scene I was in the power in the building went out, and people went home.

    And another dream involved my mom giving people rides to certain places and there must’ve been a hit on her, I kept seeing our passengers hiding guns. I think one of them tried to shoot her, and I stopped a little old lady from pulling her gun out.

    Needless to say I gave my mom a big hug when I got up.

  8. I don’t remember much of my dream from last night. All the details I remember are really vague and general. I remember Bryce texting me in the dream saying he was in trouble, and I tried to call him in the dream and woke up thinking my phone was in my hand, at about 3AM.

    I also remember following Lord of the Rings characters out of Liz’s house and marching down a road into fog… And games about sharks and a gory film whose contents I don’t feel comfortable posting on tumblr… And I remember ordering pizza. And I really don’t remember much else.

    I also vaguely remember something about Homestuck but I don’t know exactly what.

  9. Oh yeah, I was gonna tell you guys about my dream

    It was really weird and kind of scary. I was at this mansion thing, and there were so many security measures that you really could NOT walk freely without being severely injured. I ended up having to be guided through it. Laser beams kept getting me, and they didn’t like remove body parts, they just caused severe pain. So I ended up curled up on the lap of the guy who owned the place while I recovered from getting hit by his stupid lasers. Eventually he carried me down to the outside door and let me leave.

    And then I was in this really weird room? In a theme park thing? And there was a ride going around the outside, where it showed you “how to get used to time travel” really fast, it was weird and I don’t remember much from that part of the dream.

    There was another part where some goth girl gave me this orange mesh shirt. I am really disappointed that that was part of a dream and not reality.

    And another part where I’d missed my plane out of France and we were trying to get me on another flight.

  10. Honestly, WTF dream

    I was dreaming something about new Doctor Who episodes? Something involving River having left an important note for the Doctor and her parents somewhere… I remember crawling through somewhere to get it.

    There was also a tank full of dirt/sediment and water, and I was part of a large group that was going to go in there looking for zombies? the idea of that freaked me out, so I started singing something to the tune of Giggle at the Ghosty… and then I started pulling food from Taco Bell out of the tank?! And so there was a weird Whostuck Taco Bell party at my kitchen table.

    By “Whostuck”…. okay lemme explain. There was me, my parents, my aunt, Eleven, Amy, Rory, River, and several of the trolls from Homestuck. And I wasn’t sure if some of the trolls were gonna be happy with the seating arrangements. And holy hell, I didn’t even think everyone was gonna fit at the table but somehow they all fit, and we all filled the cup I was supposed to be drinking out of with bits of cardboard.

    ……. Yeah um I dunno. I don’t even eat at Taco Bell.