1. Re: 15 year old trans* person needs help.


    Hey Y’all, I am Dan and as you know Cathy Brennan has been on a backpeddling rampage lately. Most recently, a 15 year old trans* dfab [he/his pronouns] has become the brunt of her abuse. Basically, in her classic MO, Cathy emailed the school he attends and they had a parent-teacher conference, which ultimately outted them about being trans*.

    They are in a sticky situation where many a time his parents will kick his out but then let her back in, but he fears this may be permanent. If there is anyone in the CT Hartford area that can help, please please contact myself and I can direct you to their tumblr. Their tumblr is currently not disclosed so radscum watchers cannot intervene/antagonize them further.

    Strangesanjles has posted about this but there was some confusion and the minor is a dfab individual who prefers he/his pronouns.

    If anyone familiar with laws concerning emancipation in CT, PLEASE contact too.

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