1. frauleinninja:

    Otachi - Dragon*con 2014

    Made and modeled by me (FB)
    Photography by Soulfire Studios

    "Movement in the breach… Category 4…"

    Aquarium night at Dragon*con was unbelievable. Otachi was fun to wear during the day, and the Pacific Rim meetup was amazing, but I swear once it got dark out it hit a whole other level of epic kaiju destruction awesome. I felt like I was freaking becoming Otachi, surrounded by all the nighttime marine biospheres - the lights looked sooo cool in the exhibits!! And of course any chance to shoot with Soulfire (a huge Pacific Rim fan) is going to produce incredible work. I feel like Otachi is emerging from the breach in these photos, and she’s about to destroy Hong Kong (or Atlanta). Do your worst, PPDC…

    While I consider myself a pretty experienced sewer, I had absolutely never worked with craft foam outside of simple, teensy props. I’m writing up on a big breakdown of exactly how I made the spinal column and tail, but for now I’ll just say it was a huge endeavor! There are 162 individual foam pieces in the spine/tail, and 32 LEDs. Phew! Now where’s a Gipsy Danger I can drag into the stratosphere??

    More photos and breakdowns can be found here!

  2. chrissyplaysdressup:

    Got some good shots of my casual BMO!!! I prefer doing much more involved cosplays but gosh it was such a last minute idea! Well, I did at least have bubble with me ;u;  and I’m glad it came together in the end!!! Oh man, my wristbands lit up and junk but it was a little too bright outside to see x0

    P.S. I’m trying to throw some BMO shade in that last pic…

    I’m not very good at it haha

  3. exaltedgalaxies:

    Baby Feferi goes swimming with Big Sister Meenah!

    (Source: silverconstellations)

  4. royallywarped:

    Yo Ho, ahoy and avast, 

    Being a pirate is really badass! 

    Hang the black flag at the end of the mast! 

    You are a pirate! 

    | Photographer

  5. image: Download




#This is a hardcore copsplay because it would imply Mystique killed you and took your con pass




    #This is a hardcore copsplay because it would imply Mystique killed you and took your con pass

  6. Cosplayers!


    I feel like I should share this.
    I found an amazing Youtube Channel with incredible makeup tutorials for cosplayers, including specific makeup for lots of famous characters.

    They include SNK


    Dangan Ronpa




    and many others


    Plus some really cool generic makeup tips, very useful either you’re a cosplayer or not!

    Here’s the channel!

    (Source: moetalia)

  7. antliongrub:

    IN CASE anyone’s interested! i’m selling a roxas costume i literally never wore on ebay :) for someone on tumblr i’m willing to haggle 

    here’s the link!

  8. A Public Plea for “Cosplay Recovery Lounges”




    Cosplay is a ton of work, and a cosplayer’s worst nightmare is having something go wrong at con. I’ve had minor panic attacks when a vital piece snaps off during the con after months of prep work. :(

    On top of that, we’ve all had stressful moments were we just need to have a breather, grab a drink, make a repair with the helmet off.. without a bystander trying to snap a “candid” photo or ask us if we can throw our costume back on for “one quick photo” that multiples into 20.


    (Photo Credit: Humble Shield)


    A “Cosplay Recovery Lounge/Zone” is an area off to the side (or within a quiet area) of a convention - panel room, tucked away atrium - marked on the convention map that cosplayers can duck into for a quick break or repair. 

    1. "No Photos" Zone
      This helps cosplayers relax! No worries about taking off your helmet, snapping off pieces of armor, hiking your panty hose back up, or pulling out a spandex wedgie. The other cosplayers in the lounge understand and won’t judge. 
    2. Emergency Costume Supplies
      A local cosplay group (or a few) can work with the convention to donate common emergency cosplay supplies, like hot glue guns, sewing kits, extra rivets, duct tape. 
    3. A Place to Sit and Rest Safely (Recover!)
      It’s hard enough finding a spot to crash in the crowd. As cosplayers up their game, their costumes may wear them down physically (more than they expected). Also, heat exhaustion and overall injuries are not at all uncommon with the hard core cosplayers.
    4. Lounge Time Limit
      Volunteers would make sure nobody’s using the lounge as a hotel room. ;)


    1. Cosplayers could rock out their costumes longer (which the convention and fans appreciate!).
    2. Cosplayers can network in the lounge! Make new cosplayer friends in a relaxed environment away from photographers and the public!
    3. The convention can promote this as an additional feature for the cosplay/costuming track. I know I would appreciate a convention going above and beyond for cosplayers, and I’d sing accolades for any con doing this.

    This is just an idea I’ve been having, but having attended a con from all angles (cosplayer, vendor, attendee, and organizer) and the explosion of the cosplay community, this would be a huge asset for small and large cons.

    This is a neat idea! Signal boosting!

    Depending on your convention, these actually exist! I’ve been to several conventions that have a “cosplay repair room”. Usually containing supplies like superglue, hot glue guns, needles and thread, and scissors/hairspray. When I was at AWA it was a room off to the side area, nice and secluded. There were chairs and tables to sit down and rest, and staff to make sure that supplies were checked out and not stolen and watch over the room.
    Definitely saved our butts when we needed to sit down and make a quick repair on our Touhou costumes and collect ourselves. More cons should DEFINITELY do this.

  9. sirshon:




    Now, I came across this on Hellocosplay.com
    It is meant for a Titan cosplay, as in Shingeki No Kyojin, but I figured it can be used for many other things as well.

    Crossplayers maybe? Have a shirtless character you’re dying to cosplay but your pesky BOOBS are getting in the way? Well, here’s an option for you!

    It’s not the absolute solution, after all it is $55 plus shipping, and a certain skin tone.. but it is an option, and I thought I’d just try to let you all know about it.

    Signal boost this? Thanks.

    also, if youre the DIY type or dont want to hassle with a singular skintone body suit, would like to do the opposite gender, or if you just want more customization, these tutorials can help you out! 




    i can say that hellocosplay.com is my go-to site because they make such quality pieces. The prices are definitely worth it.

  10. she got the 8ooty




    Aranea / Cronus / Photo&Gif


    Kankri / Aranea / Photographer

    Excuse me, Aranea, I hate t9 6utt in—I mean! I hate t9 interrupt, h9wever, I feel that it needs t9 6e stated that while y9u are free t9 dress as y9u like, y9ur hemline c9uld attract unwanted attenti9n (as in the t9pm9st image) 9r inspire und9 stress in 9thers with m9re… prudent sensi6ilities. I feel it w9uld 6e wise f9r y9u t9 6e m9re mindful 9f m9desty issues in the future.

    # we kn9w y9u have ‘the 699ty’ # there is n9 need f9r sp9ntane9us advertisements