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    "oh my god, you’re seriously going to pay college kids $15 an hour to flip burgers? get a real job!"


    a real job? you mean, like, an internship at the white house?


    okay, well what about the national democratic party?


    what about interning at the united nations?


    wow damn it’s almost like our economy functions on stealing labour from hardworking young people, regardless of whether their jobs are “real” or not

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    Censorship: The government says, “No, you cannot publish that.”

    Not censorship: Your consumers say, “No, I find this problematic and I will not buy it.”


    Also not censorship: Your consumers say “All of you writers/artists need to stop doing the problematic thing if you want us to buy your product,” and encourage other consumers to say the same.

    Also also not censorship: A fellow consumer of media says “Your arguments about how this is not problematic are wrong, and/or you are a jerk.”

    (Arguably a form of censorship but not a violation of constitutional freedom of speech: the publisher / network / producer / website owner says “No, you cannot use my platform to say that.”)

    And while I am pretty vehemently anti-censorship for a whole host of reasons, if you cite freedom of speech as a defense when called out for saying something repugnant, I will almost immediately take you a hell of a lot less seriously.

    When the defense for your argument is “Well, it’s not actually illegal for me to say the thing,” then you have a weak argument.

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    So you know how when you criticise an article on a horrible site like the Daily Mail and link so people can see the original page, search engines see that as “someone is interested in this page,” and activity by people criticising the page looks just like activity by people liking it?  So the horrible site goes up the Google search results?  And the horrible site goes “whooo, lots of hits and links, guess that article was popular” and decides to create more horrible articles like it? 

    When you’re linking to horrible sites, use DNL: from the user end it works like tinyurl or bit.ly, but it doesn’t give the website attention.

    May have have reblogged before, but worth reblogging again for people who didn’t already know.

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    October is a big month for tumblr.

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    Just so we’re clear, the reason a lot of people protest climate change isn’t because they like trees and hiking. It’s because we’re making the Earth unlivable for all humans, and that humans in the poorest countries are the one’s worst hit.

    Protesting climate change ain’t a white privilege thing. The people protesting climate change the hardest are Indigenous people, Island nation people, and poor people in hot countries. They’re terrified.

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    Anonymous said: What's happening in Hong Kong????


    Protests are happening in the Central & Western District, the Wan Chai District and the Kowloon District of Hong Kong since 22nd September, since Beijing withdrew their promise of universal suffrage for Hong Kong. These protests were meant to be and are PEACEFUL PROTESTS.

    Yet police in riot gear are attacking crowds of UNARMED pro-democracy student protesters and protesters from the Occupy Central movement (a civil disobedience movement aimed at achieving universal suffrage occurring in Hong Kong). At least NOW TV, BBC NEWS, and APPLE DAILY have confirmed that pepper spray and rubber bullets are being fired at demonstrators and there is tear gas being launched into crowds and it’s spreading INSIDE the Central MTR station. 

    Judging from all the photos and Apple Daily news reports I’ve seen, there are police stationed at Lippo Center, outside Lan Kwai, and Jordan + Tung Chung MTR stations look entirely closed off to everyone but the police. There are protesting crowds in Causeway, in Mong Kok on Argyle Street, in the HKAPA and Gloucester Road + Nathan Road are FILLED with protesters.

    Hong Kong is no longer safe. Central has been paralyzed. 

    There’s a live feed of everything that’s happening here

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    The Catch 22 with poor people and clothes is that if you wear “expensive” looking or upperclass coded clothes, rich people claim that you don’t need help and are taking advantage of welfare.  But if you wear “cheap” looking or lower class coded clothes, then they see you as “trashy” and tell you that it’s your presentation and manner of dress that are to blame for classism and discrimination against you.

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    Art request, I’ll love you forever and give you like 25000 kisses or something

    Can someone try and draw whatever Doctor you fancy drawing, and his companion(s), trying to shove a much-bigger-than-the-TARDIS-doors dragon into the TARDIS?

    I will seriously love you a lot and give you like super amounts of promos and stuff if you do? I would offer money but I have none right now :(

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    ancient nerds

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    I strongly encourage all of you to wear whatever the hell is going to make you feel good about yourself 

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